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Blue Buckyballs, 216pcs 5mm spheres magnets in diameter

with blue coating, blue color

Come with 1x carrying case and 1x instruction

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You help other people in their purchases by sharing your experience.

myshine w.
Smart way to get the kid off the screen and on the real life floor!! Lol
The magnetic strength was stronger than expected which encourages even more creativity from my 7 year old boy! It’s wonderful to have something he loves well enough to put his tablet down to get down on the floor to actually PLAY!! This generation (in general) need to use their hands and minds to create tangible ideas into wherever their own imagination takes them- something NOT virtually on a screen but something REAL that they can actually experience in “real life time”! Lol sad but true. This is PERFECT that gives our kids something they can touch and connect, but is still “technically challenging”. It comes with plenty of pieces to get started- enough to make a sky scraper.... however, we want to build a whole “city” so will be buying another set and probably another as my single mommy budget allows! I couldn’t recommend this with more sincerity. Thank you for this wonderful product!
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